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Exploring our planet for more than 60 years, Sir David Attenborough has been making some of the most memorable natural history programming ever screened.

During that time he has embarked on quests to show every facet of life on this planet – from the plant kingdom which sustains all animal life, to the creatures that call the frozen polar wastes and the depths of the deep blue oceans home.

Earth Unplugged have come compiled a list – with the help of some of their friends – of  some of the most popular moments in Sir David’s epic career, including a dive with some friendly manatees,  an encounter with a very territorial male elephant seal and even try to surprise a very laid-back sloth. You can see the full clips of all the popular moments here, and if you want to add your suggestions to the list then visit Earth Unplugged, or comment on our Facebook or Google+ page, or on Twitter.

This is kicking off Attenborough Week, which is taking place between 21 to 27 April on YouTube. If you are interested in finding out more about what’s in store subscribe to the BBC Earth channel.

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