A California company believes conventional cars are too big and inefficient for urban commutes. Jack Stewart test drives their answer – a two-wheeler that won’t fall over.

Lit Motors wants to change city transport – two wheels at a time. More than often the big, five-seater cars lying bumper-to-bumper carry only one person; a waste of valuable space, both on the streets and in valuable parking spaces.

The answer, says Lit Motors, is a two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicle – designed to combine the safety and convenience of a car with the efficiency of a motorbike – which they call the C-1 (which BBC Future first reported on last year). But how does it fare outside the lab? The company may still be testing their electric vehicle – which as yet does not have a projected production date – but for the first time they’ve let a reporter get behind the wheel.

So what was it like? Watch the video above, as BBC Future takes the vehicle for an exclusive test drive.

Additional footage: Shutterstock

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