The microbes that help make you and me
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Probiotics magnified (Credit: Getty Images)
Our digestive tract is home to an abundance of microscopic life wwith some surprising benefits. BBC Future's new series looks at some of the ways our gut biome defines us.

Our January resolutions for the year ahead are often health-related – cutting down on meat and junk food, giving alcohol a swerve, getting reacquainted with the gym.

But we still overlook one aspect of our health that may be just as important – the trillions of tiny microbes living inside our digestive tract. We’re only now discovering how this beneficial biome can be negatively affected by everything from our diet to the medicines we take.

In the new series Microbes and Me, in collaboration with BBC Good Food, BBC Future will look at some of the issues surrounding gut health. How much do we know about this biome inside us? How does the food we eat affect our microbial population? Could air pollution be taking a toll on our internal ecosystems? And could a malfunctioning microbiome have negative effects on our mental health?


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