Ever wished you could soar above your city? Lucid dreamers are able to control their time in the land of nod, and you could be able to, too.

Most of us aren’t aware when we are dreaming. But some people are not only aware, but are able to control their dreams. This is what’s known as lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreamers become aware that they are asleep while in the dream, and then are able to will themselves into particular situations. Some athletes use lucid dreaming as an opportunity to practice real-life skills, as it can improve mental preparation for important events.

One of the most famous lucid dreamers is Mary Arnold-Forster. Born in 1861, Arnold-Forster published Studies in Dreams when she was 60. Her findings were very different to the work of her contemporaries, but many of her theories were later proved to be correct.

So how can you become a lucid dreamer? Click play to watch the video above and maybe you’ll soon step into a world of pure imagination.

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