With a falling population, Kamikatsu needed to find ways to revitalise its community. One man came up a plan to combine the area's natural surroundings with its ageing workforce.

The rural town of Kamikatsu in western Japan is shrinking. Faced with a population that's both ageing and declining, the community is having to come up with ways to keep its local economy running.

Entrepreneur Tomoji Yokoishi came up with an idea. His plan was to sell leaves from the area's beautiful trees as decorative garnishes to high-end restaurants all over Japan. And so, the company Irodori was founded.

Over 300 varieties of leaves are freshly picked by local farmers (mostly female) who benefit not only from being able to generate an income but also upskill their knowledge of technology - using a computer and a tablet to fill orders.

At one point, people were afraid that all Kamikatsu would be left with is mountains and its elderly residents. But this community is proving that, for now, that's enough.