Laptop learning in italy


इटली में एक स्कूल के बच्चों ने पहली बार सभी किताबों को छोड़ कर कंप्यूटर के ज़रिए काम करने का परीक्षण शुरू किया है. इसमें हिस्सा ले रहे सभी छात्रों को एक-एक विशेष लैपटॉप दिया गया है जिसमें पूरा पाठ्यक्रम मौजूद है. रोम से हमारे संवाददाता डंकन केनेडी की रिपोर्ट...

Until today, the Don Milani di Rivoli elementary school in central Turin was like any other. Children turned up, got out their books and pens and began the process of learning. But now, in what's being described as a unique experiment, 60 fifth-grade pupils and a number of third-graders, will start using computers only.

The mini-laptops, which run Windows software, all have a full curriculum programmed into them. The pupils will use the computers to do all their reading and writing. Security systems within the laptops mean the children's access to the internet is strictly controlled. The machines weigh less than a kilogram, can be dropped from a height of 1.5 metres and are waterproof.

Instead of spending the equivalent of 700 dollars a year on books, the laptops, built by the Italian company Olidata, cost less than 400 dollars. One of the teachers involved in the scheme says that, for the first time, schools will be able to verify in a scientific way how a computer alone can improve the learning process. The experiment, which has the backing of parents, is due to last a year.

Duncan Kennedy, BBC News, Rome

elementary school प्राथमिक स्कूल. सामान्यतः पाँच से ग्यारह साल तक के बच्चों के लिए.

turned up पहुँचे. यहाँ मतलब है स्कूल आए.

grade कक्षा जहाँ आमतौर पर एक ही आयुवर्ग के बच्चे होते हैं.

curriculum पाठ्यक्रम

access to पहुँच, यहाँ अर्थ है कंप्यूटर सर्फ़ करने की सुविधा

are waterproof पानी से ख़राब नहीं हो सकता

the equivalent of उस राशि के बराबर

involved in the scheme परीक्षण में हिस्सा ले रहे

to verify यह साबित करना कि कोई बात सही है या नहीं

backing समर्थन, प्रोत्साहन

संबंधित समाचार