100 Voices that made the BBC

The story of the BBC, as told by the people who made it

From life in the BBC as a telephone operator, to the pioneers of colour television and BBC Online, the BBC Oral History Collection has been recording the world of the corporation since 1972.

Now in collaboration with the University of Sussex and other academic partners, unique insights into the organisations' life are being revealed, building to an ultimate collection of 100 Voices that made the BBC, in time for its centenary in 2022.


  • The BBC and the Cold War

    To commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we explore the role the BBC played in communicating our understanding and experience of the Cold War, with the help of newly-released interviews with those involved from the BBC Oral History Collection.

  • The BBC and World War Two

    This release from the BBC Oral History Collection sheds new light on how the BBC shaped the understanding of war, and how war changed the BBC.

  • Pioneering Women

    A fresh and surprising story about the changing status of women and their pioneering contribution to broadcasting.​

    100 VOICES
  • People, Nation, Empire

    In June 1948, Britain began the process of becoming multi-cultural and post-Imperial. How did the BBC respond?

    100 VOICES
  • Radio Reinvented

    Archive interviews with people closely involved in the momentous reinvention of BBC Radio in 1967

    100 VOICES
  • The Birth of TV

    The people who brought Television to you

    100 VOICES
  • Elections

    The BBC's role in the events that changed the nation, told by its key players

    100 VOICES
  • BBC Memories

    Unedited interviews from the BBC Oral History Collection

    100 Voices