BBC Memories

100 Voices That Made the BBC

2022 marks 100 years of the BBC, and in the run up to the anniversary, BBC History will be searching BBC Archives to find the real story of the Corporation, as told by its staff. These un-edited interviews held for use in news programmes and other BBC output, forms our oral history collection, and will build over the years to become the 100 Voices that made the BBC.

In this collection Frank Gillard and John Lane ask the questions.

BBC Memories

  • Frank Gillard

    The former Director of BBC Radio explains his ideas and motivation for the BBC oral history project in 1995.

  • John Snagge OBE

    Radio announcer and television commentator John Snagge became one of the definitive voices of the BBC, particularly during World War II.

  • Sir James Redmond

    Pioneer of early television, Engineer Sir James Redmond explores why Alexandra Palace was an ideal location.

  • Sir Francis McLean

    Former Director of BBC Engineering, McLean's BBC career started much earlier in the 1930s.

  • George Campey

    George Campey was a Television Publicity Officer and a Press Officer amongst many other senior roles in the BBC.

  • Tony Bridgewater

    Tony Bridgewater worked with John Logie Baird in the days before the BBC had considered entering into television.

  • Val Gielgud

    In 1929 Val was appointed Head of Productions and was responsible for all radio drama and also contributed to the development of TV drama.

  • Joanna Spicer

    Known as BBC TV’s foremost television programme planner, it has been said that Joanna Spicer practically ran BBC Television single handed.

  • Sir Hugh Carleton Greene

    Director-General of the BBC from 1960-1969. He is widely acknowledged as a moderniser of the Corporation.

  • Peter Dimmock

    Dimmock recalls the limited hours and means of post war television, and the strained relationship with management in Broadcasting House.

  • Donald Baverstock

    In his interview with Frank Gillard, recorded in October 1985, Baverstock recalls a career full of excitement, and innovation.