Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow

31 August 2002

Every generation grows up with its own favourite children’s television presenters. For many children in the early noughties these were Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood, or Dick and Dom. Their show Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow began on CBBC on 31 August 2002 and rampaged across the children’s weekend schedules for the next four years, during which time they won two BAFTAS.

Every week Dick and Dom were joined in Da Bungalow by six children – Bungalow Heads – who competed for bungalow points in a series of silly and messy games. Most of the games involved bodily functions of one sort or another, as their titles Creamy Muck Muck, Pumpy Rumpy, Make Dick Sick, and Bogies suggest.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toast!

Children loved the air of anarchy surrounding the show, as did many older people. Dick and Dom were helped by Melvin Odoom, Ian Kirkby and Lee Barnett, who played a variety of characters including DC Harry Batt, Death and The Prize Idiot. Dick and Dom also appeared with puppet bodies as Diddy Dick and Dom. BOGIES!

After Da Bungalow, McCourt and Wood continued at the BBC with The Legend of Dick and DomDiddy Movies and Splatalot. They also found time to take Da Bungalow format on the road, even appearing at festivals. Most recently, they have applied their style to the science show Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom, winning another BAFTA.