Our World

25 June 1967

Image: A meeting of the Eurovision working group planning "Our World" in April 1967; Alexandre Tarta amd Luca Di Schiena, Eurovision Executive Producers; Eddi Ploman, E.B.U. Project Manager; Aubrey Singer, E.B.U. Project Editor; Eric Griffiths, E.B.U. Project Engineer; Norman Taylor, Supervising Engineer, Master Control.

Our World was broadcast on 25 June 1967. The ambitious live global link-up was a showcase for the potential of satellite communications. It featured contributions from 18 countries and climaxed with the first performance of 'All You Need Is Love' by The Beatles. In the UK it was watched by 23 million people while across the world it reached 170 million televisions in 24 nations.

The satellite broadcast was the brainchild of the BBC, but was officially launched by The European Broadcasting Union and became a truly international project. The original title was Around the World in Eighty Minutes, but it soon stretched to 120. Our World began with a look at new-born babies around the globe, emphasising the similarities one with the other. Individual contributions included dancing from Mexico, space rockets from the USA and contemporary dance from France. The BBC also provided a feature on the new town of Cumbernauld, presented by Magnus Magnusson.

Our World

Our World did not avoid political problems - despite the non-political content and the emphasis on shared humanity - as the Soviet Union and Poland pulled out of the broadcast in protest at the Six-Day War. But the programme was a success. Today satellite technology makes 24 hour news possible and features in our phones. Global link-ups continue to unite the world over big events, such as Live 8 and The World Cup.