George Entwistle

Director-General 2012

George Entwistle (b.1962) was Director-General in 2012.

Entwistle joined the BBC in 1989 as a broadcast journalism trainee, going on to be an Assistant Producer on Panorama. Future roles included Editor of Newsnight (a post he took up the day before the 9/11 attacks in USA), Head of TV Current affairs, Controller of Knowledge Commissioning and Director BBC Vision (covering all of the BBC's TV channels).

Entwistle took up the post of Director-General on 17 September 2012, but very soon became engulfed in the crisis over the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal, and then the subsequent issues over incorrect Newsnight coverage of Lord McAlpine. He resigned on 10 November 2012, making him the BBC's shortest lived Director-General.