Extinct giant tortoise returns
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Extinct giant tortoise returns

The story…

Nothing happens too quickly in the tortoise world but this is a comeback worth the wait. The Floreana tortoise, once thought wiped out, has been on the extinction list for a century and a half. Now, with careful conservation, the species is being brought back from the dead.

The species became extinct from its home island of Floreana during the mid-nineteenth century after hunting and exploitation from the first settlers. Some Floreana were dropped on other islands breeding programme with other tortoises.

But now the original species is slowly and steadily staging its return. A breeding programme at the Galapagos National Park has yielded dozens of Floreana pure-bred tortoises, with hopes of thousands more in the coming years.

They'll be given time to grow into their shells within the national park. Then it's hoped that in five years the Floreana will be released back into the wild to reclaim their island. But there's no rush!

Need-to-know language

a comeback - muncul kembali

brought back from the dead - berhenti dari kepunahan

breeding programme - proses penangkaran hewan

staging its return - muncul kembali dengan diatur

released back into the wild - dikembalikan ke alam liar