Artist Banksy's hotel view
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Artist Banksy's hotel view

Artist Banksy's hotel view

Steeped in irony, an artist's take on the grand hotels of a bygone age - this one claims to have the worst view in the world. The concrete slabs of the barrier Israel's built in and around the occupied West Bank are just feet away. This hotel - as much a political statement as a new business.

London's new black cabs put to Arctic test

This is the brand new design for the iconic London black cab. But before they can put this through its paces in the cities, they have to try it out in one of the most hostile environments on Earth. It's got an electric engine, most of the time driving with zero emissions, although a small petrol motor charges the battery from time to time.

Pollution-fighting pigeons

Can pigeons help us in the battle against air pollution? It sounds far-fetched but academics from Birmingham University are convinced they can. They're attaching sensors to the birds which, unlike drones, can fly without restrictions above busy urban centres. The information collected will help to model how pollution moves around cities and could be used by planners to help decide where to build hospitals or schools.

Words and phrases and definitions:

steeped in: dengan banyak

emissions: emisi, buangan gas ke udara

far-fetched: sulit untuk diyakini