Brexit: What next for UK?
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Brexit: What next for UK?

Brexit: What next for UK?

Once Article 50 has been triggered the UK has just two years to negotiate its exit from the EU. No country has ever tried this before. It's a very complicated process: first the European Council, which is made up of the EU's 27 leaders, agrees guidelines for the negotiations. Then the European Commission then negotiates with the UK on behalf of the EU. Together they will need to unpick 43 years of treaties and agreements.

Syria's World Cup hopes

Given what's unfolding in Syria - you might be surprised to hear the country still has a national football team, competing for a place in next year's World Cup. For obvious reasons - they can't play on home soil, but they're still giving many Syrians a reason to come together. Last week they were in Malaysia, preparing for a World Cup qualifier against Uzbekistan, and they've just been in Seoul for their match against South Korea.

New British coin 'most secure in the world'

Here is the new pound coin, and it does have some special security features, apart from being twelve-sided and two-coloured, it's got very small writing on it, and it has a sort of hologram with the pound sign at the bottom, and a special feature inside which means that coin machines can recognise whether it's genuine or not - and that's important, because there are so many fakes of the old pound coin.

Words and phrases and definitions:

triggered: dipicu

unpick: meniadakan atau mencabut secara hati-hati dan perlahan-lahan

unfolding: yang berlangsung, berkembang

hologram: gambar tiga dimensi yang dibuat dengan menggunakan laser

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