US anti-vaccine movement grows more daring

US anti-vaccine movement grows more daring

US anti-vaccine movement grows more daring

Like any medication, vaccines can cause mild, and in very rare cases serious, side-effects. But the scientific consensus on them is clear - they're safe, effective and save lives. These mums are still unconvinced. This is the man who wants to chair a committee for the Trump Administration looking into vaccine safety. Long-time vaccine sceptic Robert F. Kennedy Junior met with Donald Trump after the election - the environmentalist completely dismisses scientific consensus on vaccines.

Future of Welsh national parks report criticised

It's a row about the future of our most iconic landscapes. Wales has three national parks. They attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. But back in 2015, a review commissioned by the Welsh government suggested they needed to do more to help the people living in them, attracting green businesses, jobs and affordable housing. Several of the conservation charities taking part in the process found they couldn't support the study's findings. The draft, which has been obtained by BBC Wales, makes no mention, they say, of a long established principle - that the main purpose of a national park is nature conservation.

Damian Hirst opens new exhibition in Venice

With almost 200 objects on show, Damien Hirst's new exhibition in Venice has been nearly a decade in the making. It's called Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable because Hirst has created a backstory to it. These objects have been retrieved from an imagined collector from 2,000 years ago whose boat sank.

Words and phrases and definitions:

side-effects: efek samping atau reaksi yang tidak diharapkan dari obat-obatan

green businesses: perusahaan dengan dampak negatif minimal atas lingkungan

backstory: kisah tentang kehidupan karakter khayalan