Indonesia's owls at risk
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Indonesia's owls at risk

Bear cub hunting in Alaska

Alaska's wildlife refuges are immense. Each year, tens of thousands of people hunt here, but what rules should they follow? President Trump has lifted restrictions put in place by Barack Obama. Once again, all hunters can use bait and kill mother bears and their cubs. Animal rights campaigners are outraged, but many believe hunters are the best people to manage big game.

Indonesia's owls at risk

Hadie paid a 100 US dollars for this barred eagle-owl - the closest Indonesian owl that when young, looks like Harry Potter's snowy-white Hedwig. In the past people stayed away from them, believing them close to the spirit world. But now there's a growing number of people - inspired by fiction - to take wild owls as pets. There's only one type of owl that's on the protected species list in Indonesia. Activists want that changed to lift the Harry Potter curse.

Toe wrestling champions

New toe wrestling champions have been crowned after an unusual competition was held in Derbyshire in the UK. Participants at The World Toe Wrestling Championships, which is like arm wrestling but with feet, competed in best-of-three knockout rounds until a winner was found. Everyone had their feet checked by a podiatrist before they competed.

Words and phrases and definitions:

outraged: amat marah dan terkejut

inspired by fiction: terpengaruh pada cerita yang bukan berdasarkan kenyataan

crowned: meraih kemenangan dalam sebuah kejuaraan

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