Supporting public service reporting

The Local News Partnerships (LNP) between the BBC and the UK regional news industry aim to support public service reporting, sustain local democracy and improve skills in journalism.

The BBC has committed to a number of projects over the Charter period:

  • Delivering a News Hub to give external media organisations access to BBC video material for use online.
  • A Shared Data Unit - staffed by the BBC alongside reporters on secondment from local news providers - to share data journalism with news organisations across the media industry.
  • The employment of up to 165 Local Democracy Reporters who cover councils and other public services on behalf of the BBC and local news organisations.

The partnerships were created in 2017 as a result of an agreement between the BBC and the News Media Association, which represents the majority of the UK's regional press, and a wider dialogue with other parts of the local news industry.

More than 150 media organisations representing more than 1,000 print, online or broadcast outlets are now local news partners.

They are entitled to receive content generated through the News Hub, Shared Data Unit and Local Democracy Reporters.

You can find out which titles are eligible to receive content by searching our directory.

Our services

  • LDRSHolding UK local authorities to account
  • Shared Data UnitMaking data journalism available to all
  • News HubSharing BBC broadcast material for use online

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