News Hub

The News Hub offers partner media organisations access to BBC video material shortly after transmission for use online.

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The hub was designed to enhance other news organisations' online offering, as well as making BBC News output more accessible to audiences online.

All 1,000-plus media organisations signed up to the Local News Partnerships scheme are entitled to use the video content, uploaded by local BBC television and online news desks across the UK.

The content can be downloaded via an online portal accessed via a log-in code supplied to all qualifying news organisations.

News Hub tutorial

Log-in here - registered users only

News Hub offers partner media organisations access to BBC regional news video material for use on their own websites.

The launch of News Hub, as part of the wider Local News Partnerships, stems from the latest Royal Charter, during which the BBC promised to help other providers of local news.

The BBC values a thriving and diverse local-news ecology so News Hub is just one of the ways we’re helping.

Video from each of the 11 BBC English Regions, Scotland and Wales was released in 2018, followed at a later date by Northern Ireland.

Subject to there being no issues over licensing, contributor consent or legal restrictions, all pre-recorded footage that appears on a regional news bulletin is shared.

Audio clips are not currently available. Future provision remains under review.

Yes, digital news videos created by the BBC’s regional online teams are also available for you to download and publish online.

For an example of what a digital news video looks like, click here.

Content is free to use for all approved partners, but must only used in accordance with Clause 2 of the Terms & Conditions.

All News Hub content is shared to shortly after it has been transmitted on the BBC.

Once you have logged in with your password, you can use the TV and Online filters to see as much or little of the available content as you wish. If you can't see the filters, simply clear your cache and try again.

To log-in you need what is known as an 'API key', which IT departments within partner organisations should be able to supply.

One API key can be shared between any number of multiple users within an organisation.

The BBC logo is featured on all video and audio items. No further credit is required.

The naming convention of all television clips shared with News Hub is for the benefit of BBC producers, so here is a guide to some of the acronyms you may see:

  • ACT –Actuality (a standalone clip/soundbite). Usually used after an OOV or during a live chat between a reporter and the presenter or live guest.
  • OOV – Out of Vision. An instruction to BBC producers that a presenter or reporter will read to pictures while not on screen. For News Hub, all OOV packages contain no sound or background sound only.
  • FLT – Float. Like an OOV but used to illustrate live broadcasts so reporters can talk over pre-shot pictures to describe an earlier event or show more of the location.
  • PKG – Package. A report from a BBC correspondent usually featuring footage, interviews and graphics
  • VIS OOV – In Vision OOV – the presenter will be in vision/on screen for the first part of the story before OOV images are put up on screen. Also look out for Wipe/OOVS – an instruction to BBC producers that pictures will wipe on screen from one story to the next with the presenter staying out of vision.
  • Others – You will see many other acronyms not listed here. In most cases they will simply be a BBC reporters' initials (yes, really!) so our advice is to not worry, open the clip and see if it is of interest.