Paseos en bicicleta para combatir la soledad
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Aprende inglés: paseos en bicicleta para combatir la soledad

En esta nueva serie, los periodistas de la BBC te ayudan a practicar inglés con una noticia de la semana. Mira el video y aprende nuevo vocabulario.


Cycling for the elderly

Aprende palabras relacionadas con:

old age


pensioners – people who receive money when they retire

contemplating life – thinking deeply and at length about life

loneliness – feeling of sadness due to lack of company

disability – condition where someone can't use a part of their body or brain in the usual way

carers – people who give assistance to the elderly or disabled

Responde a esto:

According to studies, what does loneliness lead to among elderly people in London?

Transcripción en inglés:

73-year-old Jane is one of the million pensioners who live alone in the capital. But now she's got a great excuse to get out of the house. The Ride Side by Side scheme involves this specially adapted part-electric, part-pedal bike, a driver and an hour and a half for anyone over 60 in North Kensington to get their shopping or just go for a ride and have a chat.

Jane Southwell, local resident

It gives me a great high because it gives me exercise, a bit of fresh air and it cheers me up.

What is it that you like about it?

Jane Southwell, local resident

I'm doing something rather than sitting on my sofa contemplating life.

In fact, 30% of over 65s in London live alone with studies showing loneliness leads to higher rates of ill health and disability, but with the option to pedal there's another major benefit.

David Dansky, cycle instructor

People are getting exercise so they're less reliant on the NHS, less reliant on carers and care services 'cos they get an opportunity to go out and chat to someone.

It's one more time around the block - booked in again for next week.

¿Lo entendiste?

According to studies, what does loneliness lead to among elderly people in London?

Loneliness leads to higher rates of ill health and disability.

¿Sabías que...?

According to the World Health Organisation, the average life expectancy at birth for the global population in 2016 was 72 years.

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