Japón ayuda a Pakistán

Asif Ali Zardari y  Hirofumi Nakasone
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El presidente de Pakistán, Asif Ali Zardari, y el canciller de Japón, Hirofumi Nakasone, sellan el acuerdo.

Japan pledges $1bn in aid to Pakistan

Japan has said it will pledge up to a billion dollars in aid to Pakistan. The announcement came ahead of a meeting of donor countries taking place today in Tokyo which is expected to raise between four and six billion dollars.

Reporter: Roland Buerk

Prime Minister Taro Aso made the announcement that Japan would pledge up to a billion dollars of aid after talks with Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari. The two men met ahead of international meetings in Tokyo on Friday that will include the United States, China and the European Union, as well as other donors. Pakistan is looking for billions of dollars more from them. In return it is expected to give assurances it is committed to economic reform and to fighting a rising Islamist insurgency. Militant groups are increasingly threatening the writ of the state in Pakistan, carrying out suicide bombings and other attacks. Taliban fighters based in Pakistan's lawless north west are also undermining stability in neighbouring Afghanistan. There's concern an economic meltdown could fuel support for extremism.

Pakistan's economy is being propped up by a 7.6 billion dollar loan from the International Monetary Fund. A key issue at the talks will be what conditions are attached to the aid.

Japan meanwhile is hoping hosting the conference will help increase its international clout. The world's second biggest economy has long punched beneath its weight because its post- war pacifist constitution makes it reluctant to send troops abroad. Roland Buerk, BBC News, Tokyo

pledge promesa

donors donantes

assurances it is committed to economic reform promete efectuar cambios en la reforma económica

insurgency insurgencia

threatening the writ of the state amenazando las autoridades

undermining stability debilitando la estabilidad

economic meltdown fracaso financiero

propped up apoyado

international clout influencia internacional

has long punched beneath its weight por mucho tiempo no apoya la situación internacional