Monjes afeminados en Tailandia

Monjes tailandeses
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Autoridades religiosas tailandesas buscan frenar comportamiento afeminado de sus monjes

Thai effeminate priests

The religious authorities in Thailand say they're introducing a 'good manners curriculum' to discourage behaviour seen as effeminate. The guidelines are aimed at curbing the flamboyant behaviour of gay and transgender monks.

Reporter: Andre Vornic

The religious authorities say they're responding to increasing irritation among more conservative Thai clerics and members of the public with behaviour perceived as effeminate. They're aiming to reduce or eliminate the wearing of make-up and tight robes by younger priests, and generally attitudes that suggest homosexual activity. Of all Asian countries, Thailand is perhaps the most tolerant of homosexuality, which is often open and flamboyant. But it's still considered largely incompatible with Buddhist priesthood, with its traditions of celibacy and self-discipline. Andre Vornic, BBC

increasing irritation más y más enojo o creciente impaciencia

clerics sacerdotes/curas/clérigos perceived visto

effeminate afeminado

eliminate the wearing of make-up prohibir el uso de maquillaje

suggest (actitudes que) insinúan

tolerant of tolerante

flamboyant estrafalaria

incompatible with incompatible con (va en contra de)

celibacy celibato