Mochilero hallado en Australia

Jamie Neale
Image caption La policía australiana estaba por abandonar la búsqueda del joven.

Missing backpacker is found

A British backpacker who has been missing for almost two weeks in remote mountains in Australia has been found alive. 19-year-old Jamie Neale disappeared during a hike in early July.

Reporter: Phil Mercer

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In a remarkable story of resilience, Jamie Neale has been found safe and well after spending almost a fortnight lost in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. The search for him had been hampered by bad winter weather, including thick fog, rain and freezing temperatures.

The young British backpacker went missing after leaving a youth hostel in the town of Katoomba for a day's hiking. For 12 days, rescue teams searched for him across hostile, mountainous terrain and the police admitted that as each hour passed, his chances of survival grew slimmer. His extraordinary ordeal over, Jamie Neale has been taken to hospital for treatment.

Phil Mercer, BBC News, Sydney

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resilience resistencia

a fortnight quince días/dos semanas hampereddificultada backpacker mochilero a youth hostel albergue juvenil hikingsenderismo hostilehostil terrain terreno his chances of survival grew slimmer se disminuían sus posibilidades de sobrevivir

ordeal una experiencia difícil