La banda ancha llega a África oriental

Trabajadores instalan el cable en el puerto keniano de Mombasa
Image caption Trabajadores instalan el cable en el puerto keniano de Mombasa

East Africa gets high-speed internet

One of the great barriers to doing business in Africa is the poor communication links. However that's all about to change, as several undersea fibre optic cables bring broadband internet to the region.

Reporter: Will Ross

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It has certainly been an ambitious project, laying a seventeen thousand kilometre fibre optic cable under the sea, linking Europe and Asia with East and Southern Africa. In a few weeks there should be fast broadband internet in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa. The Tanzanian president, Jakaya Kikwete, gave a live telecast across the region and trumpeted the event as a major breakthrough.

Jakaya Kikwete When the whole of Tanzania ..., we be brought into the modern age of communications, e-commerce, e-medicine, e-government, e-everything - that will be the greatest thing in our history.

Here in Kenya there will be a huge sigh of relief. I've just been to the fifteenth floor of an office block where a frustrated Benjamin Waithaka works as an animator. He designs 3 D websites that often can't even be opened because of the slow internet and when he creates designs for clients he can't send them over the net, he has to battle Nairobi's traffic jams to deliver them by hand.

Benjamin Waithaka Our frustration is actually an understatement for the traffic is sort of mad. Getting your job to a certain destination may take one hour, two hours but with a fibre optic cable then the whole idea of you going through the traffic, well pretty much is not there.

But you're hoping if you can become more efficient as a business that will create more jobs?

Absolutely yes. More jobs, yeah.

In theory the region could be on the brink of an exciting internet revolution. Businesses like call centres could boom here. But it all depends how well the service is rolled out. What is not clear is when the technology might reach the villages where for many accessing a reliable electricity supply and water are still the main priority.

Will Ross, BBC News, East Africa

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an ambitious project un proyecto ambicioso (que requiere mucho esfuerzo) fibre optic cablecable de fibra óptica broadband internet internet de banda ancha trumpeted the event anunció con orgullo a major breakthroughun gran avance a huge sigh of reliefun gran alivio (al realizar algo difícil) send them over the net mandarlos por internet on the brink of al borde de

boom (en este caso) prosperar

rolled out implantado