Muere ex líder de Filipinas

Dolientes en las calles de Manila
Image caption Miles de dolientes acudieron a las calles para presentar los respetos a Corazón Aquino.

Former Philiipine leader dies

World leaders have paid tribute to the former Philippine president who played such an essential role in restoring democracy to her country. President Barack Obama spoke of Mrs Aquino's courage and moral leadership, and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said Mrs Aquino had been an inspiration. China's president Hu Jintao described her as an outstanding leader.


Brenda Marshall

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Mrs Aquino was a devout Roman Catholic and Pope Benedict recalled her courageous commitment to the freedom of the Filipino people, her firm rejection of violence and intolerance, and her deep and unwavering faith. Among the mourners who filed past Mrs Aquino's coffin, was Wan Azizah, whose husband, the Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, was imprisoned for many years - as was Corazon Aquino's husband, Benigno.

The Philippine president, Gloria Arroyo, has announced that she'll cut short her current visit to the United States to pay her last respects to Mrs Aquino who will be buried on Wednesday, beside her late husband, whose assassination in 1983 sparked the popular revolt that led to the downfall of the authoritarian ruler, Ferdinand Marcos.

Brenda Marshall, BBC News, Philippines

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