Atentado en Rusia

Restos luego de la explosión
Image caption Al menos 11 personas murieron y más de 50 resultaron heridas en el ataque.

Bomb attack in Russia

At least 11 people have been killed and over 50 injured in a suspected suicide bomb attack in the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia. The attacker drove his vehicle into the gates of the local interior ministry buildings.

Reporter: Daniel Fisher

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This morning in the Ingush capital of Nazran, local police were standing to attention in the courtyard of their headquarters to receive their orders for the day, when a bomber drove a truck loaded with explosives into the gates of the building.

The blast set the building alight destroying much of it and many of the vehicles parked there. Local officials have warned that the number of dead could still rise as local apartment blocks were also hit and children were amongst the wounded. The bombing is one of the deadliest in months and damages the Kremlin's claims that the Republic's new president is bringing the region under control.

The Ingush president Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, who was still convalescing after surviving an assassination attempt in June, spoke about the attack this morning. He pointed the finger at the West saying that it was behind the blast. He said that western powers would never allow Russia to reclaim its status as a world power.

Daniel Fisher, BBC News, Moscow

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standing to attention (estaban) cuadrándose


set the building alightincendió el edificio damages the Kremlin's claims dificulta creer lo que dice el gobierno ruso bringing the region under controlestá controlando la región convalescingrecuperándose surviving an assassination attempt(luego de) sobrevivir un atentado pointed the finger atechó la culpa a

was behind the blast entabló la explosión

reclaim its status recuperar su posición política