Policías más elegantes en Bangladesh

Policiás en Dhaka

Bangladeshi police makeover

New police recruits in Bangladesh have been given advice on how to dress more smartly. One of the country's leading beauticians has been giving them advice on what to wear and how to look.

Reporter: Mark Dummett

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The idea, according to Mazharal Haque, the vice principal of Bangladesh's top police academy, is to turn this batch of new recruits into world-class police leaders, fit to serve in United Nations Peacekeeping missions anywhere on the planet. They have just received lessons in grooming, personal hygiene, physical fitness, skincare, diet and dining etiquette.

Kaniz Almas Khan, who runs a chain of smart beauty parlours in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, as well as in Thailand, was also invited to show the new recruits how to wear clothes in matching colours. She also gave the 140 men and women a lesson in how to choose a good perfume and aftershave. She was quoted by the French Press Agency, AFP, as saying that the male officers were just as keen as the female officers, if not more, on looking good. "I was surprised to be asked," she said, "but it's great that people are becoming more conscious of their looks."

Mark Dummett, BBC News, Dhaka

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batch of new recruits grupo de nuevos reclutas

fit to serveaptos para trabajar

groomingacicalamiento skincare cuidado de la piel (en particular la cara) dining etiquetteetiqueta (la forma apropiada y aceptada de comer) a chainuna cadena (de negocios)

smart beauty parlourselegantes salones de belleza

matching colourscolores que hacen juego (que combinan)

just as keen asigual de entusiastas

more conscious of their looks más consciente de su apariencia