Japón reducirá emisiones dañinas

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Japan to cut harmful emissions

Japan's Prime Minister-elect Yukio Hatoyama has said his country will aim for 25 percent cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2020. The goal is more ambitious than targets set earlier.

Reporter: Roland Buerk

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Yukio Hatoyama said Japan would urge countries around the world to set aggressive goals on climate change. He said Japan would aim to cut its own emissions by 25 percent from 1990 levels by 2020, significantly more than the 8 percent pledged by the outgoing Government. It's likely to face opposition from industry.

The reductions are to be achieved by introducing emissions trading, renovating houses, as well as subsidising solar panels and low-energy appliances and cars.

After leading his Democratic Party to a landslide victory in a general election, Mr Hatoyama is due to be formally confirmed as Japan's Prime Minister by Parliament next week.

Japan is keen to play a leading role at the United Nations' backed talks on climate change in Copenhagen in December. Countries will try to work out a new global agreement to reduce emissions to follow the Kyoto Protocol.

Roland Buerk, BBC News, Tokyo

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urge instar

to set aggressive goals on climate changeestablecer objetivos agresivos sobre el cambio climático

emissionsemisiones pledged prometido

to face oppositionenfrentarse con resistencia


subsidising solar panelssubvencionar paneles solares

low energy appliancesaparatos que usan poca energía

a landslide victoryuna victoria abrumadora

backed respaldadas