Kim Clijsters gana el Abierto de EE.UU.

Kim Clijsters

Clijsters wins US Open

The Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters has come back from two years out of the game to win the women's singles at the US Open, for a second time. The former world number one beat Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark 7-5 6-3.

Reporter: Alastair Eykyn

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What a story. What a player. In May this year Kim Clijsters stepped on to Centre Court at Wimbledon, a retired player invited for a gentle workout in an exhibition to test the new roof.

Four months on she's the US Open champion. As comebacks go, there are very few to match it across any sport.

The Belgian took two years out of the game during which time she got married and had a baby daughter. Incredibly, this is only her third event back.

The final itself was of high calibre, full of outstanding rallies, great excitement and smiles on each side of the net. It was the perfect antidote to Serena Williams' shameful shenanigans.

Alastair Eykyn, BBC News, New York

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stepped onto Pisó (la cancha central de Wimbledon)

retiredretirada, jubilada

a gentle workoutsesión suave de ejercicios

as far comebacks go, there are few to match it across any sport en cuanto a retornos se refiere, pocos se le asemejan en cualquier deporte

her third event back(sólo) su tercer evento (después de haberse retirado)

finalla final

of high calibrede alta calidad

antidote toantídoto

shenanigans (en este caso) mala conducta