ONU: A mejorar alfabetismo en África

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UN: Improve literacy in Africa

More needs to be done to improve literacy rates across Africa, according to the United Nations. Only six out of ten people living in Africa can read and write - something the UN is highlighting.

Reporter: Caroline Duffield

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20% of adults around the world are unable to read or write. But in Africa, the figure is thought to be close to double that, and the number is growing.

There are strong regional differences in the continent. West Africa suffers far more than Southern Africa, for example. While literacy skills have the power to transform individual lives and whole communities, the number of people here who are unable to read and write at present poses a major barrierto economic development in Africa.

The UN says those people lacking access to education are often the most disadvantaged and marginalised populations. A high percentage of them are women and girls, indigenous populations and people with disabilities.

Caroline Duffield, BBC News, Lagos

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close to double that cerca del doble de (esa cifra)

literacy skillshabilidades para leer

the power to transformel poder de transformar (la vida de)

communities comunidades

poses a major barrier tosignifica una barrera enorme (al desarrollo económico)

lacking access to education(esas personas) que no tienen acceso a la educación (por falta de dinero)

disadvantageden desventaja


indigenous indígenas

disabilities discapacidades