Fondos para centro de decodificación

Bletchley Park: Computadora durante la guerra

Money for code-breaking site

Campaigners trying to preserve the wartime coding centre at Bletchley Park are celebrating a victory. The site where German codes were cracked during World War II has won its first lottery grant.

Reporter: Rory Cellan-Jones

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It's widely regarded as one of the most significant contributors to the defeat of Germany during World War II but the Bletchley Park code-breaking site is in a poor state of repair.

A year ago a campaign began to preserve the site, and now it's scored a major success. Britain's Heritage Lottery Fund has given the trust which runs Bletchley Park nearly $600,000 to work up its plans to turn it into a world-class museum and educational centre, with the promise of another $6,000,000 if those plans work out.

Campaigners, who've already won recognition for Bletchley Park veterans and an apology for the treatment of the leading code-breaker Alan Turing, say the lottery grant is more recognition of the vital role Bletchley Park played in Britain's history.

Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News

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it's widely regarded as mucha gente considera que

code-breaking site lugar de decodifación

in a poor state of affairsen mal estado (sin reparaciones)

it's scored a major success ha tenido mucho éxito

the trustla fundación (que controla los fondos)

to work up its plans explicar sus planes

world classde mayor clase

work outresultan/tienen éxito

campaigners defensores

recognition for Bletchley Park veterans (debido) reconocimiento para los veteranos de Bletchley Park