Películas de Hollywood en Georgia

El presidente Mikheil Saakashvili de Georgia

Hollywood films in Georgia

As Hollywood begins filming in Georgia, people are wondering if the film is actually the latest bit of spin from Georgia about its conflict with Russia in 2008.

Reporter: Tom Esslemont

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The city of Tbilisi has been turned into a film set. Floodlights beam down on parliament as American and Georgian cast and crew members run amok outside the presidential palace.

This multimillion dollar film, the biggest budget movie ever to be made on Georgian soil, tells the story of a journalist and a camera man caught up in the unfolding drama of the war in 2008. The Georgian government has actively supported the filmmakers by allowing them access to public buildings, but it denies that it is helping to fund the project. One of the producers is a pro-government member of parliament, Papuna Davitaia:

Papuna Davitaia: 'The Georgian government has no role in sponsoring film. Georgian government helps only with permit for shooting and money dossn't come from government.'

The film comes just over a year since the conflict during which time both sides have competed to put their own spin on what happened in August 2008. Then, Russian forces poured into Georgia to repel it's attempt to retake the disputed region of South Ossetia. But neither side has ever been able to accept the other's version of events.

In addition to the Hollywood movie, Russian media has reported that the Serbian director, Emir Kusturica, is planning to shoot a screenplay to tell the South Ossetian point of view.

Tom Esslemont, BBC News

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has been turned into a film set se ha convertido en un plató

cast and crew members run amok miembros del elenco y del equipo de rodaje corren frenéticamente

on Georgian soilen tierra georgiana

allowing them access darles permiso (para entrar)

to fundfinanciar

permit for shooting el permiso para filmar

both sides have competed to put their own spin onambos lados han tratado de explicar los acontecimientos (en agosto de 2008)

to retake the disputed regionretomar control de la región en disputa

able to accept the other's version of events (ninguno ha podido) aceptar el punto de vista del otro

to shoot a screenplay rodar un guión