Inicia la cumbre en Copenhague

Inicia la cumbre de Copenhague

Copenhagen summit opens

Two weeks of talks aimed at agreeing a new deal on climate change have begun in Copenhagen amid hopes that delegates will be able to reach a deal.

Reporter: Roger Harrabin

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The conference opened to applause forty minutes late. It began with an environmental film from Danish children, a message from the next generation for those delegates whose decisions here over the next fortnight may help shape the lives they lead.

34,000 people have tried to get accredited for this extraordinary meeting - an unprecedented demand.

Hopes are high here that a deal can be done to lower emissions and raise cash to help poor countries adapt to climate change and obtain clean energy. The question is whether that agreement will be strong enough to meet the expectations of those children of the future.

Roger Harrabin, BBC News, Copenhagen

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an enviromental film una película sobre el medio ambiente

a messageun mensaje

shape the lives they leadayudar a decidir cómo vivir

to get accredited conseguir acreditación

extraordinary extraordinaria (en este caso muy diferente)

unprecedentedsin precedentes/inaudita

hopes are high(hay) muchas esperanzas

to lower emissions reducir emisiones

obtain clean energyobtener energía limpia o "verde"

to meet the expectationscumplir con las expectativas