Telenovelas 'poco apropiadas'

Actores en el drama de la BBC ´Holby CItý

'Inappropriate' hospital dramas criticised

A leading hospital manager in the UK has strongly criticised the way that doctors and nurses are portrayed in TV soap operas depicting life in the National Health Service.

Reporter: Adam Brimelow

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Antony Sumara is a renowned NHS troubleshooter. He took over at Mid-Staffordshire earlier this year after the health service regulator exposed appalling failings in care. He's now working with patients' groups and staff to rebuild trust. But he's exasperated over the way health workers are portrayed in programmes like Holby City and Casualty. In an article for the BBC website Scrubbing Up series, he says staff are shown regularly flirting and gossiping while treating patients; eating, drinking and smoking while on duty; and failing to promote good hygiene.

He acknowledges that viewers aren't naive and can separate fact from fiction, but he says these programmes should reflect a real hospital rather than what he calls a 'very blurred reality'.

In response the BBC says the programme makers consult medical experts and take great care to portray medical issues responsibly.

Adam Brimelow, BBC News

Listen to the words

renowned troubleshooter

conocida persona que resuelve problemas

exposed appalling failings in care reveló una terrible falta en cómo se cuidaban a los pacientes


flirting and gossiping coqueteando y chismorreando

promote good hygienepromover una buena higiene

naive tontos o ignorantes (en este caso)

separate fact from fiction(saben) diferenciar la realidad de la fantasía


blurred reality realidad borrosa

take great care to portray se preocupan en retratar