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Beijing hit by record snowfall

Schools have been closed in the Chinese capital Beijing and flights cancelled due to heavy snow. About 33cm of snow has covered parts of Beijing, the most since 1951.

Reporter: Quentin Sommerville

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Thousands were left stranded for a second day after the cold weather brought severe disruption to transport across the country.

Some 30 highways have closed in the north of China and in Beijing the city's Capital airport saw 90% of flights cancelled or delayed on Sunday. By early Monday, around 40% of flights had been disrupted.

In some parts of Beijing, 33cm of snow fell, the heaviest in more than half a century. Volunteers have taken to the streets with snow-shovels to clear the drifts. School children saw their new year holiday extended by the severe weather. Here and in neighbouring Tianjin they were given the day off.

More snow is expected across the north of China, although Beijing is expected to remain clear, but temperatures in the capital, already at minus 14, could drop even further.

Quentin Sommerville, BBC News

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left stranded quedaron varados (sin poder continuar su viaje)

severe disruption trastorno, interrupción (en los servicios de transporte)



snow-shovels palas para quitar la nieve

the drifts ventisqueros

extended(vacaciones) extendidas por el mal tiempo

could drop even furtherpodrían bajar aún más