Conflicto cervecero en Bélgica

Huelguistas fuera de la cervecería InBev en Leuven, Bélgica

Belgium beer dispute

In Belgium, a country famous for its beer, an industrial dispute means a blockade is threatening supplies of Stella Artois and Leffe, two of the country's favourite beers.

Reporter: Dominic Hughes

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It's scarcely believable, in beer-loving Belgium supplies of two of the country's most famous beers, Stella Artois and Leffe, could be about to run out. A week-long blockade at the headquarters of InBev, the world's biggest brewing company, has stopped any beer from leaving the brewery. Supermarkets and bars around the country have warned that stocks are running low.

The unions are protesting against plans to cut more than 250 jobs and so far talks aimed at resolving the dispute have got nowhere. But there's no need to panic just yet. There are probably around 125 breweries in Belgium producing around 800 standard beers. Add in special one-off brews, and some experts believe there could be more than 8,000.

Dominic Hughes, BBC News

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scarcely believable casi increíble (por la poca probabilidad)

run out (están) por agotarse


brewingelaboración (de cerveza)

brewery cervecería

stocks are running low se están disminuyendo

unions are protesting(los) sindicatos están protestando

to cutreducir

talks aimed at resolving the dispute have got nowherelas conversaciones para resolver el problema no han dado fruto

one-off singulares / únicas