Aerolínea de bajo costo al banquillo

Avión Easyjet

Easyjet accused of breaking labour laws

The low-cost airline, Easyjet, will be brought before a French court accused of violating French labour laws. The company may now face a fine of up to 10 million euros.

Reporter: Emma Jane Kirby

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Easyjet has been under investigation here in France since 2006 when an inspection of their operations at Paris Orly airport showed they'd failed to register 170 employees to the French authorities.

The budget airline is accused of breaking strict labour laws and is now being pursued by the state prosecutor for millions of euros in unpaid social security and health insurance contributions. The budget airline insists that its staff were hired under British contracts and therefore were not subject to French rules. Orly airport, it claims, was merely a rest area for its workers and it was the planes themselves, and not France that served as their workplaces.

The French authorities point out however that most of the Easyjet staff lived and paid their taxes in France and many were working solely on internal flights between Paris and Nice.

Emma Jane Kirby, BBC News, Paris

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budget (en este caso) de bajo costo, barata, de poco presupuesto

pursued by the state prosecutorperseguida por el fiscal

social security and health insurance contributions contribuciones (que debe pagar la empresa) para la seguridad social y de salud

hired empleado

were not subject to no tenía que cumplir con (la ley francesa)


merelysimplemente, nada más que

served as sirvió de, se utilizó (como)


solely on internal flightssolamente en vuelos internos/nacionales