"Curry" contra la violencia

Platos de comida india
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Curries against violence

Following recent attacks against Indian students in Melbourne, Australians are being encouraged to eat a special Indian meal as a way to protest against racism towards members of the Indian community.


Nick Bryant

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A vindaloo against violence, a poppadum for peace, a mild korma for good karma. With whatever Indian dish they care to consume, Australians are being invited to eat a curry to make a stand against racial violence.

It follows a spate of attacks against Indians in Melbourne, including the murder of an Indian graduate student, Nitin Garg, at the start of the year. That's tarnished the reputation of Australia's second most populous city and resulted in a steep fall-off in visa applications from overseas students.

The organisers report that some ten thousand people have registered to take part and that curry houses across the city have started booking out. Australian expats around the world are also being invited to take part.

Nick Bryant, BBC News, Melbourne

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a vindaloo uno de los curry más picantes

a poppadomun tipo de chip crujiente, muy liviano, hecho de harina de arroz y lentejas molidas

a mild kormaun curry cremoso, no muy picante

good karmauna creencia que si uno hace bien a su prójimo, será retribuido

to make a stand against (en este caso) demostrar que están en contra de (la violencia racial)

a spate of attacks una serie de ataques

tarnishedennengrecido / empeñado

a steep fall-off inuna repentina caída en (la petición de visas)

booking out(los restoranes) están todos completos

Australian expats(contracción de ex patriates) australianos que actualmente viven en otros países