Beckham, por fuera del Mundial

David Beckham

Beckham likely to miss World Cup

David Beckham is likely to miss this year's World Cup following an injury in a match on Sunday. Beckham is one of the most well known sportsmen in the world and losing the chance to play will disappoint many.

Reporter: Jack Izzard

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It took just seconds for David Beckham's dream of playing in this year's World Cup to collapse onto the turf. In the final minutes of a match for his club, AC Milan, he was about to kick the ball when he suddenly pulled up, clutching his left heel. In tears he hobbled off the pitch, clearly aware something was badly wrong. But just how bad only emerged later, when his club confirmed he had torn his Achilles tendon. Dr Tom Crisp, a consultant sports physician, said the player's recovery will be a slow process:

Dr Tom Crisp: "It takes many weeks for the tendon itself to heal, six to eight weeks minimum. It's remotely possible that he may be running in three months, I think that's what I would say. The chances of him being fit to play for England are just non-existent, I'm afraid."

Beckham is due to fly to Finland for surgery on Monday, but his England manager, Fabio Capello, has said it's unlikely he'll be ready to play again in time for this summer's World Cup in South Africa. He concedes it will be bitterly disappointing for the man who was hoping to become the first England player to play in football's greatest tournament for a fourth time. David Beckham turns 35 this year, leading some football fans to wonder if such a serious injury could end his playing career.

In a career that's spanned two decades, David Beckham has known fantastic highs and crushing lows. His many fans will be hoping that this latest sad twist in his football fairytale is not his last.

Jack Izzard, BBC News

Listen to the words

the turf el césped

pulled up se detuvo (repentinamente)

clutchingagarrándose (el talón)

hobbledse fue cojeando (de la cancha)

Achilles tendon tendón de Aquiles

non-existent (en este caso) imposible (la posibilidad de jugar)


spanned(ha) abarcado

fantastic highs and crushing lowsgrandes altibajos

fairytalecuento de hadas (futbolístico)