Firma de Armstrong a la venta

Armstrong's signature for sale

A piece of paper from the flight plan of the Apollo 11 moon landing has been sold in New York. The document was signed by Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to walk on the moon in July 1969.

Reporter: Emilio San Pedro

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It was bound to be among the most popular items in the sale of space memorabilia at the Bonham's auction house in New York.

And, in the end, the document bearing Neil Armstrong's signature didn't disappoint. It was sold for $152,000.

Not a bad price for what some might describe as a simple piece of paper - except that besides the famous astronaut's signature, the document also has, in Mr Armstrong's handwriting, that famous phrase he coined:

"One small step for a man - one giant leap for mankind."

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astronaut astronauta

It was bound to be Era de esperarse

memorabiliaobjetos de interés (de un evento o pertenecientes a una persona)

auction housecasa de subastas

bearing (el documento) en el cual estaba su firma

signature firma

not a bad priceuna buena cantidad de dinero

handwritingletra, caligrafía

phrase he coineduna frase (que Armstrong utilizó por primera vez y luego se hizo famosa)

one giant leapun gran salto