Unión Europea propone nuevo regulador financiero

Europe agrees to new financial regulator

The European Union has agreed to set up a series of financial regulators. The new regulators will monitor banks, insurance companies and trading on the financial markets.

Reporter: Jonty Bloom

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The European Commission is keen to point out that this agreement will create a new EU-wide system of financial watchdogs which will complement the work of the existing national regulatory bodies, not replace them.

Jonty Bloom, BBC News, London

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watchdogs organismos de control

complement complementarán / mejorarán

regulatory bodies organismos reguladores

controversial controvertida

credit rating agencies compañías que calculan si alguien puede pagar / cancelar sus deudas

proposals propuestas

risky (inversiones) riesgosas

co-ordinated action práctica coordinada


threaten amenazará