General Election Coverage

Information for broadcasters and media organisations wanting to use the BBC's coverage and programming of the December 2019 General Election

List of Programmes

  • Question Time: Leaders Special - Tuesday 19 November, 2245 GMT
  • Ask The Leaders - Wednesday 20 November, 2245 GMT
  • Question Time: Leaders’ Special - Friday 22 November, 1900 – 2100 GMT
  • The Andrew Neil Interviews - Monday 25 November, 1930 GMT
  • The Andrew Neil Interviews - Tuesday 26 November, 1900 GMT
  • The Andrew Neil Interviews - Wednesday 27 November, 1930 GMT
  • The BBC Election Debate - Friday 29 November, 1900 GMT
  • The Andrew Neil Interviews - Monday 2 December, 1930 GMT
  • The Andrew Neil Interviews - Tuesday 3 December, 1900 GMT
  • BBC Prime Ministerial Debate - Friday 6 December, 2030 GMT
  • Question Time: Under 30s - Monday 9 December, 2030 - 2200 GMT
  • BBC Election 2019 - Thursday 12 December, time to be confirmed GMT

Please note:

  • All programmes in this list are scheduled for BBC 1.
  • This list is subject to change.
  • We will update this list when additional programmes are confirmed, so check back regularly.

Content available 

The News Programmes listed on this page are available as follows:

  • Under News Access Rules
  • As licensed Archive Content

EBU members should contact the EBU.

News Access Rules

Any media organisation in the UK or outside the UK can use limited BBC content from the BBC broadcast under News Access rules

  • There is no charge for this.
  • You do not need to request access.
  • You should record the BBC One broadcast off-air.

Use of BBC content under News Access is subject to the following use rules:

1. You may record the BBC programme in its entirety during transmission and then select an aggregate of up to two minutes of BBC content to use for television/radio and online news reporting on your services after the live BBC broadcast has finished.

2. You may only use the BBC content after the BBC live transmission has ended and within 24 hours of the event/broadcast.

3. You must show a 10 second "[programme name]/BBC" visual credit with the BBC content.

4. You may not distribute the BBC content, other than as allowed in News Access rules.

5. You may not archive the BBC content or re-use it (contact BBC Motion Gallery to re-license content for further use).

Materials published online and in social media within the access periods can remain online in perpetuity. You must not be republish the material into new articles outside of the original access period.

Archive Content

Media organisations can license archive content from Motion Gallery

For more information about licensing archive, visit

Next Steps

Accessing content "off-air"

Key things to know:

  • You can record the live BBC Television Broadcast using your own facilities.
  • The broadcast is available on Astra DSAT 1 or 4.

What you need to do:

  • Use your own facilities to record the broadcast off-air.
  • If you do not have a BBC broadcast in your region and cannot access Astra, contact a News Agency you are affiliated with, or the BBC who will quote a technical fee to get access by other means. To contact the BBC, use this form.