Frequently asked questions about audio and video on mobile phones

  • 30 अक्टोबर 2013

FAQ's about audio and video on mobile phones:

How do I watch or listen to an AV on my mobile phone?

To watch videos or listen to audio from the BBC you need a compatible mobile device. You also need to to activate your SIM card so that data can be transmitted via GPRS or EDGE. For more information contact your operator.

What kind of formats can I download from

Via our mobile site we offer:

3gp, mp4 and mp3

How much does it cost to listen/watch?

The BBC won't charge you to watch video or listen to audio. However, your operator may charge you for the amount of data you use. If you're unsure how much data costs on your tariff, contact your network operator.

The BBC doesn't accept any liability for data transfer charges incurred as a result of watching or listening to BBC audio/video content via your mobile phone.

How can I limit the costs of watching/listening?

There are several ways to limit the costs of downloading video:

- Go online. Video clips on our mobile site are usually also available on our desktop site.

- Get a data bundle. Signing up to a monthly or daily flat-rate or capped data package will limit your monthly spend on surfing the mobile internet or downloading video clips, especially if you are a heavy user. Contact your network operator for further details.

- Use wi-fi. Many mobile phones now come with wi-fi built-in. You can reduce data costs by accessing our site this way, via your wireless broadband connection at home or at a wireless hotspot. If you're not sure whether your phone has wi-fi built in, contact the phone manufacturer or your network operator.

- Use Bluetooth. Some of the video clips available on BBC Mobile are not locked and can be sent by Bluetooth to another phone – so share them with your friends.

How long will it take to download?

It depends on your data connection speed. Generally you should be able to download a short clip within 1-2 minutes over 3G, quicker via wi-fi.

Longer length clips will take longer.

Can I improve the sound quality?

Some mobile phones with in-built speakers offer low sound quality – try using headphones.

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Can I access the radio programmes in real time as a live stream on my mobile?

Currently we do not offer mobile live stream radio on