Abusive father and uncle jailed


A man who sexually abused his daughter and niece has been jailed for five years at Londonderry Crown Court.

The 66-year-old pleaded guilty to 25 sexual abuse charges and two counts of assault.

The court heard he had also physically abused his wife, burning her on the back with a cigarette and throwing her down the stairts.

The abuse began in the man's family home in Derry in 1970 and continued for 11 years.

The defendant's niece and ex-wife were in court on Monday to hear Judge Desmond Marrinan describe the defendant's actions as a "conducted catalogue of abuse" against his daughter, niece and wife.

He told the defendant he had caused nothing but wreckage to his family and robbed his daughter and niece of their happiness and an "innocent childhood".

Judge Marrinan said the defendant would serve his full sentence and placed him on the sex offenders register indefinitely.