Four-party coalition at Stoke-on-Trent City Council


The leaders of four political groups on Stoke-on-Trent City Council have formed a coalition to govern the area.

The Labour Group, Conservative and Independent Alliance, City Independent Group and Liberal Democrat Group agreed a partnership.

Labour had most seats without getting an overall majority in local elections.

Twenty six Labour councillors, eight Conservative and Independent Alliance, nine City Independents and four Liberal Democrats make up the partnership.

Councillor Mohammed Pervez, leader of the Labour Group, said: "This is a turning point in the city's history.

"This coalition marks an unprecedented agreement and we are committed to working together for the good of the city.

"We need to move forward to make important decisions with a consensus across the coalition."

'Difficult decisions'

Councillor Ross Irving, leader of the Conservative and Independent Alliance, added: "Our group needed to take notice of the electorate, as the Labour Group was given a clear mandate.

"We need to support them, and look forward to building a strong system of governance with them, the Liberal Democrats and the City Independents."

Councillor Brian Ward, leader of the City Independent Group, said: "We're pleased to take part in the coalition, as we need to work inclusively with other groups for the good of the city.

"We need to face some of the difficult decisions to come together, and we need to make sure the collective responsibility for these is shared."

Councillor Kieran Clarke, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, added: "This is a strong partnership.

"Collective responsibility will be the key factor and making the right choice for the good of Stoke-on-Trent is our aim."

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