Falmouth coastguard completes Oman cyclone rescue

Twenty-three people have been rescued from two fishing vessels stranded off Oman in a cyclone.

Falmouth Coastguard co-ordinated the search for nine people on the barge Kanta and 14 on the tug named Roma.

The coastguard used satellite communication to find a nearby tanker which travelled 300 miles (482.8km) to locate the two vessels.

The crews boarded the tanker on Friday, 30 hours after the rescue was launched. No-one was injured in the incident.

'Drawn out rescue'

At the height of the cyclone wind speeds reached 200mph (321.kph) and waves were as high as 10m (32ft).

Falmouth Coastguard watch manager Marc Thomas said: "This was an incredibly dangerous mission for all vessels involved due to a severe tropical cyclone.

"We are very grateful to the captains and crews of all the vessels that were involved in this very difficult and drawn out rescue."

Falmouth coastguard was contacted on Wednesday after Oman authorities were unable to rescue the crews because of the need to evacuate communities in Oman.

Rescue helicopters were also grounded due to the weather conditions.

The two vessels had become separated after a tow rope broke.

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