Funerals of two of Derrick Bird's victims take place

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Hundreds of people have attended the funerals of two of the victims of Cumbrian gunman Derrick Bird.

Taxi drivers packed the grounds of Distington Crematorium with their cabs, in honour of their colleague Darren Rewcastle, shot at a Whitehaven rank.

The coffin of animal lover Jane Robinson was adorned with a pigeon made of dyed grey chrysanthemums and birds' feathers.

Her funeral service took place at St Cuthbert's Church in Seascale.

Derrick Bird killed 12 people and wounded 11 as he drove across a 45-mile area from Whitehaven to Boot on 2 June, before killing himself.

Mr Rewcastle, who worked at the same Duke Street rank as Bird is believed to be his third victim.

The 43-year-old died after Bird murdered his twin brother David and shot family solicitor Kevin Commons on his driveway.

After shooting Mr Rewcastle, Bird then shot at other stunned taxi drivers in the seaside town of Whitehaven.

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Darren Rewcastle was shot at at the taxi rank where he worked

At the taxi-driver's funeral, fellow cabbies decorated their vehicles with the St George's Cross, and many of the mourners wore football shirts in honour of the avid Middlesbrough fan.

Jane Robinson, 66, was delivering catalogues just yards from her home in Drigg Road, Seascale when she was shot.

She lived with her twin sister, Barrie Robinson, who said: "She was the best sister I could ever have and as twins we were especially close."

For many years she had worked for the PDSA, and their house was home to many canaries and cockatiels. The pair also looked after pigeons.

Hundreds of people attended her funeral, which had a Christmas theme, and carols sung by the congregation were relayed on speakers to those mourners outside the church.

Her uncle, Andrew Robinson, said that Miss Robinson and her sister used to communicate in "their own special 'twin speak', such was their closeness."

The Rev John Woolcock, Vicar of Seascale, who led the service, said: "We can't think of Jane without thinking of her and Barrie together."

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