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Nuneaton boy's rare 'sunburn' skin condition

The family of a boy with a condition that makes his skin bright red, broken and painfully sore has launched a website to raise awareness about it.

Jack Oldacres, from Nuneaton in Warwickshire, has Netherton's Syndrome and is prone to catching infections.

In the past, his parents, Julie and Daniel, have been wrongly accused of allowing the 21-month-old to get severely sunburned.

They hope other sufferers will get help from the site,

The syndrome stops his skin from forming properly, leaving it dry, thin and extremely sore.

The couple said because of the risk of infection they often keep him indoors.

Mr Oldacres said they find it hard to cope when people make comments about Jack.

"We do get looked at, we do get stared at and Jack does," he said.

"We fully understand that he looks different but it's when people comment and say have you left him out in the sun... or, they look him up and down as if you have done something, that's the thing we can't cope with.

"It's difficult to bite your lip at times.

"We have to wipe everything down to take him to the park.

"We have to clean all the swings down, the slide down in case there is any bacteria on them.

"The everyday things people would do with their children we have to stop and think."

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