Councillor Kay Cutts bans phrase 'Greater Nottingham'

A council row has erupted after a decision was made to ban the phrase "Greater Nottingham" from being used to describe the area during meetings.

Nottinghamshire County Council leader Kay Cutts said the area should now be referred to as the "Core City Area" by the board set up to cover it.

Opposition leader Alan Rhodes said the phrase would not mean anything and was "bureaucratic nonsense".

Councillor Cutts said her decision was to "ensure consistency" in the council.

The decision came to light in minutes of a private meeting of the new board, set up to cover the city and surrounding districts.

The minutes show the leader banned the use of the term "Greater Nottingham" and also "conurbation".

Councillor Rhodes said: "It's just gobbledygook, it doesn't mean anything to anybody.

"It doesn't give you any sense of place or identity to call it a Core City Area.

"People will still call it Greater Nottingham, they know what that means. It's the kind of jargon that excludes ordinary people from discussions."

Councillor Cutts said: "The city and surrounding areas are now represented by the Core City Board.

"In order to ensure we remain consistent, the authority will now use the term core city area.

"However, the public need to be clear that the city council looks after the city and the county council still looks after the county, which includes areas such as Beeston, Arnold, Hucknall, Carlton and West Bridgford."

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