Oldham teenage couple have faces slashed by thieves

A teenage boy and girl had their faces slashed by phone thieves as they sat together on a wall in Oldham.

The pair had been sitting in Fir Tree Avenue at 2120 BST when they were approached by two other teenagers who asked them the time.

The 16-year-old boy was cut across the face with a blade as he took his mobile phone out.

The attackers ran off with his phone and then returned to the 16-year-old girl and slashed her across the face.

'Far worse'

They took her phone and ran off in the direction of Wildbrook Crescent.

The two injured teenagers were taken to the Royal Oldham Hospital, where they were treated for minor facial injuries.

The offenders are described as being white, aged between 15 and 17 and wearing dark, hooded tops.

Pc Martin Wildman said: "Fortunately these two young victims were not seriously injured, but it could have been far worse for them.

"They have understandably been left shaken by what happened.

"We're determined to catch whoever did this, but we do need the public's help.

"I'm sure someone in the area knows who is responsible. It was a light night and somebody must have seen these youths hanging around or perhaps as they fled.