Pain research centre is opened in Nottingham

A new centre to research the treatment of pain has been opened at the University of Nottingham.

The Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre will host five years of investigation into the complex ways the human body experiences pain.

Using neuroscience, MRI scans, psychology and pharmacology researchers hope to develop more effective ways of tackling the issue.

The centre was opened by Dr Stewart Adams, who helped develop Ibuprofen.

Dr Adams was part of a team at chemist Boots, who created the painkiller at a lab in Nottingham as part of research into arthritis.

Researchers at the centre said current drugs had a part to play in managing the effects of chronic arthritis pain but none were ideal, either not being powerful enough or or introducing the risk of unpalatable and sometimes dangerous side-effects.

Professor Alan Silman, Medical Director for Arthritis Research UK, said: "It is persistent pain that destroys the quality of life for so many millions of people with arthritis.

"This internationally unique centre brings together a constellation of several different scientists, all of whom will focus their attention on this major challenge."

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